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Is the Case Study of Vanitas Gay?

  • 3 minutes read
  • Aug 08, 2022
Is the Case Study of Vanitas Gay?

When I first heard that “The Case Study of Vanitas” was coming out, I was skeptical. I assumed that the show was only for girls because boys tend to like anime. However, my opinion of this show changed completely. I’ve written several reviews about this show, and I’ve given my opinion in each one. I hope these reviews help you make your decision on whether to watch the show!


The first volume of The Case Study of Vanitas is an engrossing tale of steampunk and fantasy. The world-building is excellent, with hints woven throughout the book and a mysterious master. The first book is not a perfect read, but it is a solid introduction to this series. I recommend it for fans of speculative fiction. There are a few flaws, however.

The first episode begins well, and stays faithful to the source manga’s steampunk Paris. The art, by Mochizuki, has been translated very well into the anime. Characters are drawn beautifully, and the series’ symphony flow and twisted storybook art style work well together. The music also fits the period, and the overall effect is one of beauty. For this reason, fans of The Case Study of Vanitas should definitely watch the series!


The main character of the novel, Vanitas, is a young vampire. He is asked by his Teacher to look for the Book of Vanitas, which has a dangerously complex personality. Vanitas’ sexuality is an unsettling revelation to him. Vanitas’ attraction to Noe is a cause for concern. His sexuality is a problem, but his attraction to Vanitas is justified by his odorous blood.

As the story progresses, Vanitas’ sexuality comes into question. Though he is not yet ready for romance, he is attracted to Dominique, whom he met in childhood. The novel also shows the character’s interest in drinking Dominique’s blood. Noe is envious of his former student’s sexual orientation, but he thinks the latter might have been romantically jealous of him.


The official Twitter account for the anime Vanitas recently posted a new trailer featuring the healing book Vanitas created, battles with vicious vampires, and the beauty of 19th-century Paris. The trailer was received with overwhelmingly positive reactions, with many fans tweeting heart-eyes emojis and gifs. With only a few weeks left until the film’s release, fans should get in line to watch this magical adventure.

“The Case Study of Vanitas” is an interesting combination of fantasy and steampunk. The world-building in this series is beautifully rendered, with hints buried throughout the story. The mysterious master is equally intriguing, making the plot all the more intriguing. The storyline of the anime is essentially the first 40 chapters of the novel. This is followed by a second, larger volume, which covers the remaining 40 chapters of the novel.


The Vanitas case study contains scenes of ignoring consent. Several times, the two characters are shown to have feelings for one another. This scene shows that Noe has feelings for Vanitas as well. Despite the lack of explicit sexuality, the case study provides interesting examples of queer coding in characters. Similarly, a scene involving the characters of the same sex has an air of promiscuity.

Vanitas’ “love” for Jeanne is neither healthy nor romantic. It is imposed upon Jeanne under duress, and it is tied to his own insecurities about intimacy. He wants to show his authority over another person. Jeanne’s sexuality is a reflection of his own internalized issues and he will not give it to her willingly. It is a case study of a man who uses women as pawns in his lust.

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