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Transfer Essay Examples

Students are obligated to write a transfer essay when they want to switch colleges. But how can you write a convincing essay that will make the new school consider your application? This question is hard to answer because transfer essays differ massively from conventional admission essays.

You can search from transfer essay examples to use as reference. After going through some of these well-structured transfer essay examples, you can identify the most important points to express in your essay.




Here are some guidelines to help you compose a classy transfer essay:

  1. State the reason for leaving. The new institution you hope to join will want to ensure that you are leaving the previous institution without malice from any of the parties involved. Clearly outline the motivation to change. Transfer essay sample topic, Mention the lack of proper research facilities at your current institution.
  2. State your reasons for choosing the institution to which you are applying. Discuss the opportunities they can offer and how you can benefit from them.
  3. Mention your values. In your essay, you should include your strong traits as a student and a human. You can also talk about your academic achievements and leadership roles held in the previous institution.
  4. Keep it personal. You cannot submit a cookie-cutter transfer essay and expect the new school to accept your application. The committee expert wants to learn more about you to determine if you are going to be a problem solver or a nuisance. Tell them as much about yourself as you feel can convince them to make a decision that favors you.

In summation, a transfer essay should highlight your motive behind changing institutions if you want to stand a chance with the board. Spend some time going over every line until you are convinced that it is in perfect order. If you are conflicted, consulted this transfer essay example for clarification.

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