The smartphone era
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The smartphone era

Mobile phone usage is on the rise among students. You really cannot go anywhere without seeing a student with a handphone clutched in his hands.  Statistics show that nearly 81% of youngsters under the age of 25, go to bed with their mobile phones.

With the prolific use of smartphones and mobile phones of diverse varieties, ingenious young people have learned to use it in diverse ways. The excess usage has resulted in addiction issues, which are similar to addictions as a result of the intake of stimulants.

Mobile addiction is a psychological addiction

Place your order health consequences of mobile phone addiction are very severe. Many teenagers report that the loss of a phone creating feelings that may accompany the loss of a limb on amputation.

In amputees, the physical loss of a limb may lead to the feeling of an imaginary limb. Thus, mobile phones have seemingly transformed into a seemingly real part of the self. Separation from the phone even for a single day also is reported to create feelings of distress that are similar to those observed in depression. Students reported feeling lonely, panicky, anxious, stress, paranoia, anger, etc. Basically, mobile phones have become the new comfort toys of this generation.

Mobile addiction usage follows a binge pattern

Other research shows that in general, there are differences in student usage and addiction to mobile phones/ In general, most report rigorous addiction to text and use of mobile phones. The research shows a different story- there are extremes of usage- some are heavy users while others are light users.

The symptoms of addiction and binge use are seen in heavy users. These users show a cyclical pattern of use with the heaviest usage at the start of the month and the usage reducing as the budget for the month reduces. Thus, finances may have some effect on the control of mobile phone usage by students.

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