Social media influence
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Social media influence

They say, that the child is the father of the man. This is true in the case of social media too.

The real credit for the rapid rise and widespread use of social media networks goes to, naturally, students. When social media came into prominence, it was primarily due to student power- popularity amongst students. Over time, it became popular and now social media is pervasive amongst all age groups. It is empowering, enriching, and progressive. So, one would wonder, with all the mass proliferation of social media and networking websites, what sites are currently the most popular amongst the school and college-going population?

The popular social media platforms

Facebook is currently the most popular social media network amongst all ages including students. A study by the University of New Hampshire confirms that 96 % of students confirming that Facebook is accessed at least once every day. Youtube also accounted for 80% of students’ usage. Blogs and Twitter pulled in a comparatively lower percentage of students.

However, recent trends show that Facebook has started losing its sheen. The Global Social Media Impact study has demonstrated that Facebook usage is in decline amongst people between the ages of 16 to 18 in eight countries over 15 months. This was admitted by even Facebook’s CFO.

This is because Facebook has become very popular amongst adults of all ages, with the result that the feeling of exclusivity preferred by teens and young people is lost. Young people are using it to keep in touch with their family and relatives.

However, Instagram and Snap chat along with Twitter and Whatsapp are increasing in popularity as they are also easy to use and fast, mobile communication tools. In addition, they are simpler to use and have fewer controls as compared to Facebook and give more privacy and space to carry out personal communications.

Given the way things are going, the trend for social media usage in students seems to be in the direction of simple but effective communication, without too much control and much more privacy.

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