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Smoking Essay

Essay on Smoking

Smoking is an unbecoming trend among the many people in the society today. It is important to note that despite numerous campaigns championed by various organizations against smoking, this trend among-st the youth, the adults and the old in the society has proved difficult to contain. It has proved difficult for people to stop this habit with their effects notwithstanding. It is important to note that smoking deteriorates one’s health to the point of death. It is imperative that smoking increases the mortality rate.

Smoking is addictive and causes a number of harmful effects to one’s health. Smoking causes heart diseases, throat cancer, blood pressure, mouth cancer, and lung cancer among other Diseases. It is pertinent to note that smoking reduces one’s activity in job performance. In many cases, smoking reduces one’s immunity thus increasing one’s vulnerability to diseases.

Smoking poses a number of effects. First, it is noteworthy that smoking dents one’s personality in that it reduces one’s level of decency. Secondly, smoking does not only cause harm to the body of the smoker but to those surrounding the smoker as well. In this regard, smokers trigger breathing problems to the people surrounding them.

It is evident that smoking does not only cause harm to the smoker but to the environment as well. Smoking causes air pollution and thus make the environment not conducive for people and other living things to live in. it is also apparent that smoking slows down the economic development in that smoking lowers the productivity of the smokers who work in various organizations. Smoking also poses a big blow to the country’s economy in that it increases the mortality rate.


It is evident from the above discussions that smoking affects one’s health to the point of death. This is indeed a vice whereby if unchecked will bring down the world’s population and economy as well in that it will send many souls to hell. In this regard, the intergovernmental organizations together with the governmental organizations should work together to combat this habit. Everybody should play a role in the crusade against smoking.

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