Smart Ways to Cheat Turnitin in 2020 | Paraphrase Like a Pro and Avoid Plagiarism
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Smart Ways to Cheat Turnitin in 2020 | Paraphrase Like a Pro and Avoid Plagiarism

Are you also the one who is irritated by the strict rules and policies of Turnitin? There are many people out there that are annoyed by the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Lots of students complain about the difficult algorithm of Turnitin plagiarism checker. Such plagiarism tools have forced students to make unfeasible edits in their assignments, and in their projects.

Plagiarism is an essential part of the student’s academic life. Students are required to submit plagiarism-free assignments. If plagiarism is detected in the assignment, then a student has to face the fierce music. In simple words, a student should expect the worst scenarios if plagiarism is found in their assignments. The Turnitin can sometimes become so strict that even a sequence of four to five words is identified as plagiarism. Such an algorithm seems to be irrational and inequitable for a few students.

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In this blog, we will assist you to cheat the Turnitin. We will find out some unique ways that would be helpful for the students. All the details and tips will be discussed here. Let’s now dive into the details of it.


Turnitin is the most famous plagiarism checking software. The software allows you to figure out as if you have written original content in an assignment or you have copied the content from the other sources. Turnitin plagiarism checker is created by iParadigms association. When the plagiarism checker was developed, it was initially called as The plagiarism software was created to provide ease to the professors and the teachers. The iParadigms group came up with a solution to check the plagiarism of the student’s assignments.


The record of Turnitin comprises of three fundamentals:

  • A set of academic assignments that are presented by students
  • All the reachable pages that exist on the internet
  • The entire commercially reachable pages that are extracted from magazines, newspapers, manuals, etc.

The Turnitin would forecast the above-mentioned fundamentals and highlight those points that are plagiarized. Undoubtedly, Turnitin is a useful tool for students. But if you do not want your assignment to get compared with the sources found in their records, then it is essential to realize how it performs. Moreover, this method would help you a lot in achieving your academic targets without facing any trouble.


The following are some techniques that would allow you to defeat Turnitin. You would never get caught if you implement such tricks effectively. Moreover, if you understand those strategies then Turnitin would also never place you in a bad student section for plagiarized assignments.


The most effective strategy to keep your paper safe from plagiarism is to do some paraphrasing. This technique would allow you to get your work free from plagiarism. You should smartly paraphrase every single sentence so that it lies under the segment of unique content. Although, the algorithm of Turnitin is tough and strict. But, if you paraphrase professionally, then there are no chances for your paper to get caught.


This is one of the smartest techniques which students implement these days. You can easily defeat the Turnitin by changing the language. Once your project is completed, search for a language that comprises of similar-looking letters with English letters. You can then change the English letters from your project with other language letters. Implementing this strategy would prove to be fruitful for the students.


If you include some photos, graphs, and statistics to your paper then this technique won’t just increase the attractiveness of your paper. But, it would also help you a lot with plagiarism. This strategy would never allow your paper to get caught by Turnitin.


This trick is not a popular one. A few groups of students have experienced it. If you are having a bunch of projects in a pipeline and the workload is immense, then you have one option that would save you from Turnitin. The option is to change the paper format. It simply means that you need to modify the arrangement of paper and convert it into a PDF file from a word file. This strategy would make Turnitin believe that you have written this paper from the beginning. Moreover, this is the simplest strategy to produce unique content in no time.

All the above-mentioned techniques are useful in fooling the Turnitin. But, the strategy of including the photos in the assignments is a bit tricky. This strategy won’t be in your favor until you have included numerous images and graphs.

plagiarism tricks

How to fool a Turnitin?

Answer: You can fool Turnitin by paraphrasing your content, using different languages, and by changing the paper format. Turnitin can also be beaten by adding photos to the assignment. But, this technique does not work every time. Sometimes, you need to add numerous photos, statistics, and graphs to beat the Turnitin.

Is it the safest technique if we buy assignments online?

Answer: Yes, it is considered as one of the safest technique to protect your assignment from Turnitin. If you buy an essay online then you would be submitting a reliable project. There are hardly any chances of error if we outsource our essays or assignments.

Is Turnitin capable of detecting previously submitted assignments?

Answer: Surely, Turnitin will find it easily if you have copied and pasted the content from other sources.

What is going to be the next procedure once I submit my project to Turnitin?

Answer: When you submit your assignment to Turnitin, then it is placed in their records for a lifetime. Thus, if any student tries to copy a previous paper then the Turnitin will detect it from its database. However, the paper of students can only be removed by the appeal of a class professor.

How to minimize the resemblance to Turnitin?

Answer: There are few techniques to reduce your similarity if it indexes on a higher note. You should make sure that Quotation marks are implemented in each quoted sentences. But, keep this thing in mind that you should not use excessive quotations. Furthermore, you should be careful with your words as they should not be the same as the original content.

Is Turnitin an authentic plagiarism detector tool?

Answer: Turnitin is a famous plagiarism detector tool. It has proficiency in revealing the plagiarism reports accurately. Turnitin is considered as one of the strict plagiarism detectors. Numerous professors rely on this software to detect the plagiarism of students.

To conclude, I would say that the algorithm of Turnitin is not clever. This is the reason students find various techniques to fool it. Even, lots of professors are aware of such strategies. It is, therefore, recommended to apply the strongest and reliable technique so that you are never caught for plagiarism.

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