High grades. An elusive dream?
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High grades. An elusive dream?

All your efforts to achieve the dream A+ grade going in vain? Read how to reverse the trend…

It is not uncommon to find many students say that one of the most stressful experiences in their life is getting good scores in the highly tough and competitive exam milieu in the UK.

Most students will have this question buzzing in their minds: how to get good grades without getting stressed out and with minimum revision? One of the most important things which students need to do is to learn to relax and not get stressed. The more you stress yourself, the less prepared would your mind be to study.

Stress can come about as a result of fear and anxiety of exams, perfectionism, poor study habits, lack of confidence. Letting go of all this by developing positive thinking, relaxation, and meditation techniques can help focus you on the task at the end and help sharpen your thinking and concentrate better.

The most effective solution is…

The answer to this comes from research carried out by educators and psychologists on learning and behavior. It seems that one of the things which can be done by students is to practice, practice, and practice. Watching others’ practice and then trying them out, can train and retrain the mind to think in the same way.

Studies have shown that it is not about how much practice you have in a short amount of time that matters, but about how well you space that practice in the time you get. The more you space your revision and practice sessions, the better you would score. This may be due to the fact that the brain gets time to absorb, reabsorb, and store the new information during these gaps at its own pace. Hence, avoid last-minute studying, late-night studying, binge studying as all these would lead to an enormous amount of information being forced on your brain! This may prove to be counterproductive write my essay for me – best papers by do my essay .

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