Do you want to enjoy your college days? Do you want to manage your stress?
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Do you want to enjoy your college days? Do you want to manage your stress?

Are you too thin or too big? Kickstart your fitness program and get into the right shape!

The key to that is to exercise and maintain your fitness

Get fit, Get Smart!

Great fitness goes with a great life and great health, regardless of whether you are a professional or a student. Exercise and healthy habits of diet and fitness are a must for all people, more so students. The life of a student is often more complex and challenging than people can imagine. You got to manage your classes, your sports activities, your projects, and so many extracurricular and social activities stuff. All that requires an agile body and a sharp, alert and agile mind, and what is funny is that, for the latter, you need the former.

So, if you are settling down into college life and need to know how best to keep yourself in shape, check out these cool and easy to follow suggestions. And soon, you will be running fast and fit, jogging those numerous responsibilities

Optimum diet

Ensure that your diet is good and optimum. A healthy diet is necessary for a healthy body. Adequate portions containing the various nutrients in the right proportion is a must. A healthy mix of cereals, fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods is essential for your diet. Lots of water and fluids ( not the junk variety) has to be there as the body has a water composition of 70% water.

And do be daring, sometimes you may have to try new options if you find your favorite dishes or foods are not available on your campus.  There are many different kinds of salads and pasta which can provide plentiful nutrients. Also stay away from junk food, as it ends up adding calories and fats.


Along with a balanced diet, you need to stretch and exercise those bones and muscles of yours. A healthy exercise program may involve stretches, warm-ups, and some work-outs.

In case you do not get the time to exercise with a busy schedule, you can opt to walk or ride a bike between the times of classes. This would help to ensure that your body gets the minimum amount of workout that it needs. Most campuses will also provide gym facilities and that can make it easier for you to get your daily quota of calories expended.

Participating in off-campus sporting activities regularly would also keep you motivated and your body tested as well as build up mental alertness to a very high level. Take naps of optimum duration. Ensure that you get your daily full set of sleeping hours (7-9). Short naps in the course of a day, will also help you to brighten up but overlapping can again lead you to feel more tired than usual. Don’t starve yourself of sleep as it will have a negative effect on your fitness and well being. Sleep is necessary for the tired body and mind to recharge itself.
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