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Home Treatments for Face Wrinkles Essay

In this advertisement there is a direct appeal to one’s emotional well-being through the way women appear as they age. The advertisers present two faces on one image. One face shows a young person with no wrinkles and the other an aging face festered by wrinkles. It appears often on the internet and on television since viewers are likely to be captured by the two faces and tend to be attracted to the message. The known is that people, age and that cannot be retarded it may just be postponed or delayed. There is insufficient information regarding wrinkles and the aging process in itself to validate the promise. Therefore, the representation is leading to the public. As such this advertisement erasing wrinkles in minutes is a misrepresentation of the aging processes.

The promise here is to erase wrinkles in minutes. Truthfully wrinkles are a natural feature built in the aging process due to reduced adipose consistency under the skin. It is a gradual process. How can it then be erased in minutes? Herein lays the fallacy and appeal to women’s weak emotional states and low self-esteem due to age development. Often advertisements like these always project women since they appear to be vulnerable subjects in the appeal to emotion.


Further arguments can be advanced to prove that in no way this promise could be fulfilled in minutes. By the time one contacts the advertising company and have an interview minutes have gone. What then do the advertisers mean by minutes? The viewing audience must first interpret what minutes mean to them. Once it is interpreted correctly the scope of this advertisement has been nullified because in no way wrinkles can go away in minutes when it took years to develop.

Home Treatments for Face Wrinkles Essay

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